Full Groom ...Clipping, Nails, Bathing ,Drying and Ear clean and Fragrance:

Cocker Spaniel £35-£37

Springer Spaniel £37-£40

King Charles £35

Yorkies £32-£34

Westies £35

Miniture Poodle £32-£34

Miniture Schnauzer £35

Standard Schnauzer £35-£38

Golden Retriever £35-£45

Just Haircuts, Nails and Fragrance:

Small dogs eg.. Jack Russell, Terriers  £25-£28

Medium dogs eg..Spaniels £28-£32


Just Bathing, Drying, Groom, Nails, and Fragrance:

Small dogs eg..Pugs, Terriers £25-£30

Medium dogs eg..Labradors £35-40

Large dogs eg..German Shepherds £40+

Nails only:   £7

Micro Chipping:    £20

Please ask for more breeds prices!